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REomnis is a product and services portfolio which covers all aspects of requirements engineering and business analysis in a holistic approach. This holistic approach is conducted in REomnis with four areas,  which interact to each other in an optimized way to guarantee most efficient impact to our clients.


REomnis - crystal clear requirements

REomnis‘ ambition is to standardize the analysis phase of a project according to IREB, similar as it already happened in project management according to IPMA (International project management association). Therefor it is important to examine the analysis phase from different kinds of perspectives to achieve optimum results.

REomnis is concentrating on four basic areas which cover those perspectives:  People, Tools, Content and Management - REomnis delivers solutions in these areas. Every area can supplement the individual situation of the client to complete the holistic picture.

4 basic areas of REomnis

Typical project packages

  1. We take responsibility (fixed price, fixed time,

     fixed quality)

  1. We build sustainable knowledge and

     organizational structures at our clients

  1. We consider all areas of business analysis and

     integrate them to one solution

  1. We have the experience, resources and


  1. We reduce project cycle time and save costs

  2. We work with the best people

Our services

  1. AufzählungszeichenIREB-Video-Training Foundation Level inclusive knowledge deepening.

  2. AufzählungszeichenProject coaching during the analysis phase

  3. AufzählungszeichenOn demand coaching onsite, offsite

  4. AufzählungszeichenMethodology consulting to build up organizational RE structures

  5. AufzählungszeichenSubscription of infrastructure on a monthly basis

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REomnis: The holistic approach
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