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Requirements engineering as first step in system development has significant impact on the project's success. It delineates the project's scope and establishes the common basis for communication for all disciplines involved in the project. The better requirements engineering and requirements management are conducted within the project, the less expensive errors occur during development, decreasing the overall error costs in the projects.

aims at providing a certification model with syllabi and exams, thus fostering further education in the field of requirements engineering. In the end our goal is to improve requirements engineering and business analysis in practice.

The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB e.V.)

  1. The standardized education provides a basis for a common understanding of requirements engineering within a company as well as between business partners. Communication is much more efficient if the same "language" is used. This is in particular of advantage for multinational companies, with IREB operating worldwide.

  2. The labor market for requirements engineers and business analysts gains in transparency. The different levels of certification provide the possibility to precisely describe the skills needed for a certain position or the skill degree achieved by a person.

  3. Due to the higher level of training, requirements specifications of supplier or customer become less defective, being better basis for project planning as well as development and test of products. This leads to a decline in development costs and a higher probability of meeting deadlines.

Benefit for Economy and Industry

Requirements Engineering as a key discipline

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