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For more than 30 years Peter Hruschka is actively introducing state-of-the-art methods and processes to industrial projects – as trainer, consultant, speaker and author.

He is one of the principals of the Atlantic System Guild (, an internationally renowned think-tank of software and system experts and founder of the German agility network. (

He is also board member of the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board).

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Dr. Peter Hruschka
Board-Member of IREB

We work with experts, because we want to transfer knowledge and experience which is necessary for being successful in IT projects.

Tom DeMarco, Peter Hruschka

German: Adrenalin-Junkies und Formular-Zombies

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Peter Hruschka, Gernot Starke

German: Knigge für Softwarearchitekten

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Derek J. Hatley, Peter Hruschka

German: Process for System Architecture & Requirements Engineering

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