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Video Training with Dr. Peter Hruschka


The REomnis training portal

Nevertheless you access the REomnis portal via a web browser or a mobile client, you can use it where ever and whenever you want to learn. All features are available on all medias and on all mobile devices.

The training content is compressed to training questions which are provided at the REomnis training portal.

The questions and videos are available to the user on every device (e.g. notebook, tablet, smartphone etc.) and can be used for in depth knowledge acquiring at every time.

The questions are designed as a multiple choice test. If the question is not answered correctly, there is a link to in depth descriptions and the concerning training lesson.

Every question has to be answered correctly for three times to be marked as „acquired“. The module, deepening questions, is therefore the best way to prepare for the requirements certi-fication.

REomnis Statistics are offering detailed analysis on the current state of the training progress. Team leaders can access grouped statistics on the whole training team.

REomnis Statistics

REomnis – Deepening Questions

Additionally to the training it is recommended to install a training coach, e.g. in virtual classrooms or directly at the client. It is important to gain a team discussion for all trainees with a mentor like Peter Hruschka or another expert from Aschauer EDV.

REomnis Coaching

REomnis Live Demo

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