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The IREB Certification Model consists of three subsequent levels. Prerequisite for certification of a certain level is having obtained the certificate of the previous level.

IREB has stipulated an exam process for each level of certification and has defined the minimal requirements regarding the exam location.

IREB also provides the exam questions. Those are consistent worldwide and provided in German and English. Exam questions in Spanish are in preparation.

The exams are conducted by the certification bodies licensed by IREB e.V., who also issue the certificates for examinees who have passed the exam.


Validity Period

A CPRE FL certificate is valid lifelong.Details on the validity of CPRE AL certificate will be published together with the first modules.As soon as at least three CPRE AL modules will be available, details on the validity of CPRE EL certificates will be published.

International Recognition

A certificate issued by a certification body licensed by IREB e.V. will be recognized by all certifiers licensed by IREB in any country.


Certificates issued by ASQF (Germany) before 1 January 2007 can be exchanged by a certifier licensed by the IREB (no charge).

Management of Certificates

The certification bodies licensed by IREB e.V. maintain a register of the valid certificates they issued. On request, they provide information to each other on whether a certain candidate has a valid certificate.

Countries with Certification Bodies

In the list of certifiers you will find together with the contact details the respective countries where the certifiers are entitled to conduct exams and issue certificates.

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Validity of certifications

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