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Video Training with Dr. Peter Hruschka


Comparison of class room training and video training

The new video training combined with coaching and a real world analysis project in parallel, is the most effective form of learning.

  1. The training content is recorded in small and smart video lessons (3 to 10 minutes), which provide an     easy access to detailed knowledge.

  2. The videos are accessible from a central system (REomnis) by every team member.


  1. Timely flexible

  2. 24/7 availability

  3. Small video peaces for instant access

  4. Individual learning speed

  5. Content repeatable on demand

  6. Very high and constant quality (+FULL HD)

  7. Available on all media and mobile devices

  8. Optional:   

                        - Deepening questions

                        - Statistics

                        - Test/Certification (pre- und posttest) incl. the free IREB-test-questions (34 pc.).

                        - Fulltext-search

                        - Coaching

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